10 Gross and Funny Fact Filled Books for Boys

I get it. 

Trust me, I know the pain of having a son who doesn’t get a real kick out of reading. But here’s the thing- that’s just because he hasn’t found the right book yet. As a librarian, one of the hardest things to do is to get a reluctant boy reader to actually read, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve. One of the quickest ways to get their fidgety noses deep into a book is to pick out a book that is totally gonna gross them out. And by gross them out, I mean it has to hook them from the beginning with an odd pr factually fun subject, and be one that they can pick up and put down again and again on their timeline, without worrying about forgetting what they have read. In a nutshell, give your sons some really interesting non-fiction titles and then leave them alone!  

Here's a good list to start with.

Filled with super cool things your kids can do without requiring parental assistance, this title will be loved by budding nature enthusiasts, and is the perfect summertime boredom buster that takes place right in your backyard. 

I mean, seriously- an entire book about FARTS. And it even makes fart sounds. So go ahead and just buy it and thank me later. 

A hilarious treasure trove of random facts, lists, puzzles, stats, and how to's that will entertain boys ages 6-up. 

This book needs to be in your camper's backpack, and is full of everything outdoorsy, as well as basic camping skills and resource guides.

Nat Geo has hit a homerun with the "Weird But True" series of books, and their latest is full of bright photos and odd facts that will keep boys entertained for hours. 

Your boys will be planning hijinx for days once they have this book in their hands. Includes 40 pages of cutout pranks, and recipes for everything from fake snot to fake bird poop. It's so gross it's fantastic!  

Super scary but in the best way. Perfect to send with sleepovers or sleepaway camp, includes historical ghost stories, gruesome creatures, and a fright-o-meter. 

How many miles do you need to drive this summer? Yep, that's what I thought. Get this to help the time go by, and get your kids out of their headphones and into your funny bone. 

We buy this book every year, and it gets read so much inevitably the pages literally fall out. Perfect book to leave in the bathroom for, ahem, reading on the pot. 

Wonderfully gross and disgusting facts about all of our favorite animals. Your kids will eat this up (and not poop it out thank goodness.)

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