Do the Words "Science Fair" Send You Into a Panic? No Worries, Because Science Fair S.O.S. Will Save Your Sanity

“Mom, my science project is due tomorrow!”

No other sentence can send parents everywhere into a frenzied panic than that one. Oh science project season how I do NOT love thee! (And I’m betting I’m not alone on this.)

It seems school projects, especially traditional science fair projects, have taken on a life of their own as of late. What was once a small school assignment that could easily be put together in an hour or two (and with minimal crafting talent), has seemingly turned into a six week long project. There are very specific forms to complete, official processes to endure, and a very particular set of standards and concepts that all final project boards must adhere to. 

Listen, I'm all for my child discovering the scientific process,  conducting experiments, and in the name of innovation possibly inventing the world’s next must have gadget. I believe the step by step process over a longer length of time teaches planning, time management, and helps students set long term goals and objectives.  But I can’t help but wince when I hear the words “science project,” knowing full well that I will have many late nights and most likely a few arguments with my child over the how-tos and final board construction. 

Science Fair S.O.S. sample planning guide.

Basically, we’re both going to need some outside help.

This is where Science Fair S.O.S. comes in. Like it’s namesake, this website is here to throw you and your child a science project life raft, right before you drown into the abyss of rubber cement and hypothesis covered index cards. It is the brainchild of the website, which specializes in posterboard accessories, including poster markers, poster lettering, decorative items, and innovations to make easier, faster,and better, poster projects. But Science Fair S.O.S. is not simply a website for purchasing poster board accessories, it is your all in one stop for all things science fair HELP, and should be your first stop when you begin the science fair process.

At S.O.S., you will find a project planning calendar, presentation tips, science fair experiment ideas,  an emergency last minute guide, as well as pages of actual science fair board examples.  You’ll have access to their poster accessories store which offers a plethora of lettering, board decorations, craft tools, and even light, sound, and motion effects that can easily be added to your project board. There are plenty of along the way tips, planning guides, video tutorials, and even a helpline you can call to reach an actual person who can offer solutions to your project problems. 

In a word, this is the science fair lifeline you cannot live without. 

Don’t let the experience of creating a science fair project with your child be one of frustration, angst, and despair. That is the last thing science educators want the experience to be. Instead, make the planning and preparation easy and enjoyable by both you and your child with Science Fair S.O.S., and let the fair awards come rolling in. 

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