7 Books to Help You Find Joy, Grace, and Peace with Christ This Easter Season

Spring is right around the corner, and with often comes the urge to purge and clean up our homes. But what about cleaning out our hearts and minds? Now is also the perfect time to seek spiritual renewal, and this list of Christian non-denominational titles  geared specifically toward women, mothers, and grandmothers, will help you when seeking higher meaning during these spring days. It's time to see your joy bloom, not just your flower beds. 

Only Love Today: Reminders to Breathe More, Stress Less, and Choose Love by Rachel Macy Stafford.  Stafford is the author of the bestsellers "Hands Free Mama" and "Hands Free Life," and knows all too well the stresses placed on motherhood. This book is meant to be read in bits and pieces, and need not be started at the beginning. Part devotional, part inspiration, Only Love will help you learn to live with more intention, and less frustration.

Love Lives Here: Finding What You Need in a World Telling You What You Want by Maria Goff
Maria is wife to Bob Goff, author of the bestseller "Love Does." This is from a wife's point of view, and tells of the many incredible journeys they have shared as a family, while teaching the importance of living and loving right where you are at, accepting grace, and to stop comparing. 

You Are Free, Be Who You Already Are by Rebekah Lyons  
Ready to overcome the exhaustion of trying to be someone you're not just because you want to please others? Tenderly written, this is a good follow up to Ann Voskamp's "The Broken Way."  Learn to embrace the freedom of perfection because Christ has already given you the best freedom of all- grace. 

Nothing to Prove: Why We Can Stop Trying So Hard by Jennie Allen 
Calling all "Type A" personalities, ready to stop trying so hard? Me too. Beautifully written book to help release you from the stresses of self-induced perfection, and introduce you to the grace that Jesus offers you, knowing that you are enough for Him. 

Hallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy by Anne Lamott
Lamott has the great talent of being able to write inspirationally deep content, but filled with humor and honesty that will have you both laughing and reaching deep into your soul at the same time. Library Journal has already coined this latest book of hers as one "not to be missed." I couldn't agree more.

The Year of Small Things: Radical Faith for the Rest of Us by Sarah Arthur and Erin F. Wasinger
Two families embrace on a year long experiment to live out their faith as strongly and radically as they can, instead of waiting for the "right" time to do it. Somewhat of a field guide to living out the teaching of Mother Teresa, by doing small things but with great love, but very relatable and how to do those things living in suburbia. 

Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices in Everyday Life by Tish Harrison Warren 
Wake up, make breakfast, wash clothes, go to work, eat dinner, go to bed. Where is Jesus in all of this? Well, He is closer than you think. By exploring all the small and overlooked things in our days and redefining them through the eyes of Christ,  this book will have you reexamining the sacredness and beauty of living an ordinary life. 

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