I'm DONE. With the School Year, and Jerks Who Comment.

Are you done? I sure am. It's been a long busy school year and I'm overdue for plenty of down time and alarm clock free mornings.

I made this meme yesterday, and it has gone viral. It makes me happy to know that I'm not alone in feeling ready for summer and there are about half a million moms who like me, are limping to the school finish line.

But here's the thing, I got a few pretty awful comments about what I said up there.

Like, just plain AWFUL.

Why does a total stranger feel the need to say this...

and this.....

My oldest son turns 18 next week, graduates high school, and then a few weeks later heads off to college. And you know what my biggest concern is? He has to share the world with assholes like the above. People with zero sense of humor who feel the need actually type the words "Go fuck yourself" to someone they know absolutely NOTHING about.

Stephanie Hatfield O'Balles- I'm gonna pray hard for you. I'm gonna send good and happy thoughts your way today. And then when the karma bus slows down to pick you up, I'm gonna make sure to give the driver  a BIG, FAT TIP.

Signed, a mom with AMAZING kids. 


Rachel said...

I can't believe anyone would write that to you?!!! What????? I am soooo with you on your parenting style...(from what I've read & can't wait to read more)

Anonymous said...

I am sure you know deep down it takes all kinds of people. Your post was hilarious & it is exactly how many mums feel!! The minority are the martyrs, liars & outright weirdos like Stephanie Hatfield-Balles. There is no point wasting time or thought on this level of ignorance in society. We need them for the wheels to turn but you know they will never understand, they are not capable. As the air safety rules dictate, if you don't save yourself first you are no good to the youth! Your blog is fabulous!

Anonymous said...


If they don't like it don't follow! You are a help and much needed comic relief to thousands of us who appreciate every word you write and it is you who helps us get through every single day. Chances are she can't relate because she probably isn't even a mother. If we can't find humor in this thing called parenting ..... we had better hang it up! This thing is not for the faint of heart.... it is real..... it is hard.... and you my dear say things in a real way while poking fun and all the thoughts those of us who are parents have or will have someday! Thank you for all you do and don't let these idiots sour what you do for the rest of us.