13 Signs You Have Kids in Catholic Schools

13 Signs You Have Kids in Catholic School

1. In your house, you’re never more than five feet away from a set of Rosary beds- plastic ones, handmade ones, paper ones, wooden ones. They. Are. Everywhere.
2. Your Halloween costume box includes the robes of 5 well known saints.
3. Your kids have 25 adjectives to describe the smell of incense.
4. On dress down days, they spend hours of time and thought into deciding what to wear to school. The uniform struggle is real, ya’ll.
5. Your wall of craft projects looks like a vacation bible school art room exploded. Crosses as far as the eye can see.
6. You always keep a stash of extra canned goods and diapers around, because on any given day it could be “Bring in XXXXX to school today for the XXXXXX center.”
7. You know exactly where to buy plain, black, ugly lace up (not velcro!) leather shoes online. And you are on their mailing list.
8. You can pack a Friday Lenten lunch like nobody’s business. Do you know how many varieties of cheese and crackers there are? A. LOT.
9. You can turn a pillow case into a shepherd’s head scarf in 5 seconds flat.
10. Your kids still have cursive handwriting homework practice. Thank God!
11. You drive used, old late model cars. Because do you know what Catholic School costs these days?
12. Your kid’s uniform shorts have 6 different names crossed out on the tag. Because Catholic School moms are the QUEENS of hand me downs and shared family wardrobes.
13. You are blessed. In many ways. By their selfless and loving teachers, their great classmates, and those who choose a life of vocation and now lead the school and church with the utmost dedication and devotion. Amen and Happy Catholic Schools Week! 

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