End of Summer Thoughts

1. Our body clocks are completely screwed. Yesterday we ate lunch at 3:30.

2. All 4 kids need haircuts so badly they look like the Beatles circa 1968.

3. I am done replacing goggles, empty sunscreen bottles, dive toys, and towels.  Last few weeks of summer the theme is “Castaway,” as in, you get water to play with and nothing else. 

4. Nobody has done any summer required reading, but I swear they are killing it at mining stone, iron, coal, gold, and diamond. 

5. The. Food. Is. Gone. All of it. All the time.

6. There is Halloween stuff on sale at the craft store. Excuse me while I go light some more sparklers and make a flag cake. 

7. Kids home all day go through a helluva lot of toilet paper. See #5.

8. I’m so desperate to be by myself, lay back, and relax, I’m considering having a root canal.

9. I have enjoyed the laziness and having no schedule way too much this summer. But……

10. If I don’t get back into some sort of get up and start our day schedule soon I may end up working the night shift at the local convenient store. Hey, there’s my alone time! 

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